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You could skate through your days playing it safe or you could listen to this classic piece of cheddar and learn what it's like to live the crazy ukulele life. It really is a thug's life, though.


someone drank too much today...... *it was me!*
no me!

Well then, someone did 4 lines of speed......
*this one is all you*

well sometimes that's just what it takes
you gotta follow a mistake with a bigger mistake
there's no rock star trophy for responsibility

Oh waitress, it is apparent
that we need a round of shots for that table of parents
did I mention they said they'd be buying shots for me? Well it's true!
Yeah, I swear to you it's true
They are shaking their head no because they mean, "It's no problem for us to buy shots for Shane"
ad lib, etcetera

Just because we're handsome doesn't mean we don't have flaws
When we're drinking, it seems worse because
You.... probably need a refill
You.... probably need a drink

Repeat first verse

And the celestial chorus
says you should come and join us
hilarity and awesomeness abound
And sure tomorrow's gonna suck
but there won't be no work if no one shows up
and is it okay if you pick up this round


from Live at the VFW, track released August 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Shane Hickey and His Magical Ukulele... and Jerry Missoula, montana

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